Fixes to World Problems

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Here is the solution to reverse global warming in jpeg form for easy sharing.


Here is a craft to remove plastics from the ocean.


Fix for Police Officers problems in the USA

To know why the fix will work we should first know the problems.  The problems are as follows.

  • The Police Officers which I will refer to as cops in the USA will often not represent the people in the community.
  • The cops are pressured under punishment to write more tickets than they should rightfully give out.
  • Cops can be looked down upon in many communities because they can escalate situations in that community making them worst.
  • Cops can’t arrest other cops without being severely looked down upon by other cops and bashed by their superiors into a horrible position or even out of the force.
  • Cops can shoot a black person execution style and get a paid vacation.
  • Cops take bribes to look the other direction on certain businesses.

Adam Ruins Everything episode on Cops Season 3 Episode 11 frames more problems better.
Below is some youtube clips I found of the episode.



The solution to fix all of these problems would be to make being a cop like serving jury duty.  Everyone would have to serve a period of time, to be determined, as a cop at a time of their choosing between the age of 18 and, lets say for now, 45.  Let’s say it was determined that people would have to serve 1 year as a cop.  Everyone would then have to pick a time between when they were 18 and 45 to serve their 1 year as a cop.  Some time at the beginning, lets say 3 months, would be training.  The cops would also be in pairs at all times to help each other.  There would be a period at the end, maybe 3 more months where they would also teach people coming in to serve the cop duty.  That would leave 6 months of cop service.  When going in to be a cop everyone would take a test much like someone going into the military would take.  The test would be taken to see what positions the serving person would best fit into.  The person would pick from the positions the test said the person was best at.  Handicap people would be treated with the needs of their situation.  In the situation of someone confined to a wheel chair they might not be best for a street cop, but they could probably still serve at a desk job.  While being a cop they would be paid well like a regular cop.  Different positions would have different wages based upon the amount of skill needed for that position, or the danger in that position, or the need to have another cop in that position.  If a person got to the age of 44 and did not serve they would be required to serve at that time because they have to be done serving by the time they are 45.  People would also be able to take time off work to serve in cop duty with no worry of loss of their job just like jury duty.

How this would solve all the problems with cops becomes clear as we think about each situation. 

  • Cops would represent the community because they would directly be from their community or a community area very close to theirs.
  • There would be no pressure to write tickets to people who didn’t deserve them because the cops know they would only be there for a small amount of time doing their time as a cop.
  • Cops would be appreciated by the community because many people there would look at them as just serving their time.  The community would also remember back to when they did their cop duty and would wish to give a good experience to the person serving.
  • Cops would arrest other cops if they did something they should not be doing.  Without pressure to keep your job as a cop all cops would suddenly keep all other cops in line.  The partner with every cop would help with that as well as assist the other cop.
  • Cops would not shoot someone that did not deserve it because they would be punished by the other cops.  Cops would police other cops.
  • Any cops that did take a bribe would not take it for long because they would not be there for long.  The new cop coming in may or may not take the same bribe.  Eventually there would be a cop in there that would not take the bribe and shut down whatever illegal thing was going on.  Their would be too little time for a cop to become corrupt.

To keep the current cops from not having a job when switching to a jury duty like system for cops we can have those cops help train the people doing cop jury duty until such time as the old cops would want to retire.  After the old cops retire one by one the system could slowly switch over one by one to the people doing cop jury duty to teach other cops near the end of their cop jury duty.

I want to also mention cops should have more non lethal weapon options like bolas, nets, quick dry goo or foam or glue.

As with everything on this page please spread the word.  The more people demand this the better chance it has of happening.


How to Terreform Venus (Coming Soon)

It’s easier to terreform Venus than Mars.  It’s still going to take probably 1000+ years and I haven’t done the calculations.  The general idea is have take the CO2 out of the atmosphere of Venus using dirigible balloons.  The balloons will separate the carbon from oxygen, form the carbon into graphite bricks, poop out the graphite bricks, and release the oxygen into the air.  After the CO2 is brought down to levels we have on Earth estimations put the average temperature to be 110 degrees on Venus.  The massive amount of graphite on the surface of Venus will also have to be picked up at some point.  There could also be problems if the atmosphere turned mostly oxygen without other gases like nitrogen.  If a source of nitrogen cannot be found on Venus it may be impossible to terreform.